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Our new website simplifies what can be a complex and daunting process — What is my business worth and How do I sell it?

After 40 years of serving owners with buying and selling businesses, Bluegrass Business Advisors (formerly operating as The Pulliam Company) continues to help hundreds of business owners through the discrete process of buying, selling, financing, and marketing their businesses to optimize value and achieve their goals.

We’re poised – now more than ever – to help owners sell their businesses and entrepreneurs acquire cash-flowing entities ready for growth opportunities. Are you ready to see your hard work pay off?

“Bluegrass Business Advisors are a trusted resource for buying and selling your business.  Knowing we were in the market for a business opportunity, they reached out to us with some of their listings.  We were able to quickly hone in on one service business that fit our portfolio and were extremely helpful through due diligence and closing.  I would highly recommend their service!” (Todd Clark, satisfied client)

Why Rebrand?

Our new name, Bluegrass Business Advisors, better defines the arewe serve – we’re boots on the ground in the bluegrass state, Kentucky, and ready to serve the bluegrass face-to-face. Many of our competitors claim a national presence through online sales but simply cast a shadow on Kentucky. We have a regional presence, and locally connected to sellers, buyers, investors, bankers, and legal counsel – the very team you need to get transactions done.

“This level of service and dedication to making sure the deal doesn’t just “get done”, but that it gets done the right way, is not always a given in the M&A world.  The business community in Central Kentucky is very fortunate to have such a great service provider right here in our backyard.” (Dave Larson, satisfied client) 

As intermediaries for various transactions related to small and mid-size businesses, we’re working with diverse groups of people on creative solutions to get the most from your hard-earned work – ensuring both parties walk away from the closing table happy and profitable. Our goal is to execute, and get you results. Our business is your business.

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—BBA team

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